“I didn’t choose photography, photography chose me.” 

Welcome to SandraD Imagery.

As a photographer I am passionate about capturing the beauty of the world around us. To me photography is about capturing the photograph in camera and then creating an image. It starts with an idea, then I will process the image to the emotion or connection I had with the landscape at the time of pressing the shutter . Colour, tone and mood are part of my style, creating an image is part of who I am as a photographer.

Photography has taken me to some amazing places. I've clocked up a lot of kilometres to get to a destination, got up at some weird hour to capture the sunrise, climbed rocks, walked through mud and water, fallen over on more than one occasion, dropped my camera and lenses and so much more to capture that shot. It has been worth it!! 

When I look at my collection of images I'm amazed at not what I have captured, but what I have seen. It has made me think how fortunate I have been to see these amazing landscapes, the magic sunrises, the detail that captured my eyes, the people I have met and learnt from, the moments of joy and frustration. What an adventure its been! Along the way I have been fortunate to win Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards in several major photography competitions. 

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