Private Processing Training

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When I first started my journey in photography it was all about learning about the camera, then I started to dabble in post processing techniques. What was Lightroom about? What do you do in Photoshop? I dived right in and a whole new world opened up with my photography.  Post processing images gave me creative licence to create an image in what I saw or felt at the time. There is so much to learn and I continue to learn new techniques, that’s the fun part. I enjoy the creative process.

Being an adult educator in a corporate environment and having trained people in the use of computers and software programs, I understand what it can be like to learn a software program that can be daunting at first. Before you can learn the skills, you need to understand the concepts of why, what and how. Then comes the practical hands on approach to learn the skills to give your images the WOW factor.

What I can offer:

A post processing session where I go through a basic workflow from Lightroom to Photoshop where we will work on your images. We will learn a variety of techniques to enhance your images.  

 Post Processing Techniques


  • Global processing of RAW images - lens correction, dust removal, colour balance, working with shadow and highlights to name a few

  • Starting the process to give your image a platform to work from to create your image


  • Local Adjustments

  • Clean up, cloning, perspective adjustments

  • Global Contrast and Colour balance

  • Adjustments to balancing tonal control in the image which involves controlling light and shadow

  • Localised colour balance and contrast adjustments

  • Targeted Creative adjustments

  • Saving

  • Preparing for output both web and print

  • Much more…

3 hours minimum recommended for costing please email me at